Powerful and soulful sound - healing to many, inspiring to others; uplifting to a lot of broken hearts.


Kizzy Amos' strong roots have kept her anchored and grounded throughout her life.


Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, she embraced her God-given gifts and talents from an early age and has developed them with love and care, to become a successful and multifaceted artist.


Her memorable experiences and upbringing in church as a little girl, and her participation in the youth choir grew into a lifelong love for song and a devotion to her craft.

As a singer and songwriter, her soulful, powerful sound warrants attention and appreciation.


Such power, as told, has been healing to many, inspiring to others and uplifting to a lot of broken hearts.

Inspired by legends such as Whitney Houston, Mahalia Jackson, Celine Dion, and many more, Kizzy has followed and learned from such icons and developed her own style with grace, poise and power.

She has sung and competed at a number of venues over her years in the industry. Auditioning among many, Kizzy was elated to land a singing and acting part, playing the role of Tina Turner in the stage play My Brother Marvin, which toured for several months.


She's won 1st place for outstanding vocal ability in talent shows, performed at the world-famous B.B. King's House of Blues, and has competed and won at the world-renowned Showtime in Harlem (formerly known as Showtime at the Apollo).


She has opened for R&B Singer Trey Songz, and has taken part in a number of other shows throughout her career to date.

Kizzy is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and an actress and model as well. Her beauty and multifaceted talent has established her as a rising force to be reckoned with in the world of stage and screen. She not only writes musical material for herself, but has written for other singers too and continues to broaden her horizons with determination and spirit.

Look forward to seeing a lot more of Kizzy as her musical journey continues in the future!